In order to keep Clean Water Clean, World Vision has developed a comprehensive WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) program.  Water is provided by drilling a deep borehole and installing a pump, which the villagers are trained to maintain and keep clean.  Villagers learn the importance of installing and maintaining five Sanitation and Hygiene elements which keep the water clean and reduce infection.  In our work to raise awareness about the need for clean water in rural Zambia and to raise funds to help World Vision provide that water, WaterAfrica has created a set of sanitation & hygiene stations to help us tell the story.

The week before Walk4Water9, Kindergarten – 5th grade students at Horizon Christian School in Tualatin, Oregon, participated in small group interactive presentations to learn about World Vision’s WASH program. Students from Margaret Hanscom’s 4th grade class volunteered to be “experts” on the stations and prepared to present their knowledge at the Walk.  These expert students took notes during the small group presentations and learned more when Chikondi Phiri spoke at their school assembly on Wednesday. On Friday they ate lunch together to review their notes and on Saturday morning they nailed it!

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