Chikondi Phiri - Walk4Water9Chikondi Phiri will join us for Walk4Water9! Chikondi is Deputy National Director for World Vision Zambia and he brings a wealth of experience and insight to share with us on April 23.

The WaterAfrica 2015 Travel Team got to meet with Chikondi while in Zambia last summer and now we look forward to welcoming him to Lake Oswego and introducing him to you this month!

Chikondi has served World Vision for 20 years in a variety of roles including Project Coordinator, Area Development Program (ADP) Manager, Planning and Resource Development Manager, Regional Operations Manager and Operations Director; providing overall leadership to field operations and sectoral technical teams. He holds an MBA in Leadership Development from Eastern University (USA); a Masters of Science in Agricultural Engineering from Sokoine University of Agriculture (Tanzania); and a Bachelors of Engineering in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Zambia.

Chikondi is a gifted speaker with a deep passion for the children of Southern Africa. You will be encouraged and challenged by his stories about the transformational power of accessible clean water in rural Zambia.  Please Join Us April 23!

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