Recap Walk4Water16 April 29, 2023 

Our heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of you participating in the Walk4Water! Your unwavering support and enthusiasm contributed to tremendous success for this year’s W4W!

 We’re delighted more than twice as many people participated this year compared to last year. It’s a testament to the dedication and passion of our community to help rural Zambians access safe water for life. Thanks to you, W4W raised funds that literally changes 1,000 lives forever!

Pictures from Walk4Water 16

What is Walk4Water?


Since 2006 the WaterAfrica community of individuals, businesses, schools, and churches have been coming together in Lake Oswego to support rural communities in Zambia.

Raising Awareness

Sharing about the needs for Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene (WASH) in rural communities in Zambia is our current focus.

Raising Funds

Through our walk, sponsors, and donors, WaterAfrica raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for WorldVision Zambia projects.

Transforming Lives

Access to clean water in rural villages makes dramatic changes in the trajectory for health and wellness and opportunities for all members of the village from old to young

Walk the Course

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Our Partners & Sponsors for 2022

We are grateful for the wonderful support we have received from sponsors in our community.

We look forward to you joining our mailing list and being part of the WaterAfrica community working to raise awareness, raise funds, and transform lives.

- John Lautze

President , WaterAfrica

Message from Collins Kaumba from World Vision Zambia

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