Why World Vision?

WaterAfrica supports World Vision’s development model. World Vision is the largest non-governmental provider of clean water in the developing world, reaching 1 person every 30 seconds in their commitment to help solve the world water crisis. They have developed a comprehensive, holistic model for Water, Sanitation & Hygiene interventions and have a proven track record for successful, sustainable, long-term impact.

World Vision uses a five-point approach for community development that includes Water and Sanitation, Food Security, Education, Health Care, and Income Development. The water and sanitation WaterAfrica helps provide through World Vision is the foundation necessary to build toward sustainable, holistic development.

World Vision partners with the government, the local community and other non-governmental providers to ensure long-term success and sustainability of  water points.

WaterAfrica appreciates World Vision’s commitment to serve alongside the poor and oppressed as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people. We are pleased to partner with World Vision as we invest our resources for water and sanitation in this effective approach.


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