Walk4Water May 11, 2024 

Walk4Water 17 a Success.


Walk4Water on Saturday, May 11 was held on a beautiful sunny morning at at Foothills Park in downtown Lake Oswego.  

WaterAfrica raises awareness and money to provide clean water and sanitation for Zambians and 2024 is the 17th year for this fantastic family event for kids, parents, grandparents, and friends!  We were blessed by our special guest Jessy Samuyachi Mahongo from Zambia who shared about all the good work that is being accomplished on the ground in Zambia.

We are grateful for everyone that was able to come together to make this event a memorable success! 

Please enjoy some pictures from the event this year.

Pictures from Walk4Water 17

About Our Special Guest


Jessy M Samuyachi has over 9 years of progressive experience in World Vision in Monitoring and Evaluation and 4 years working in the WASH sector. She was instrumental in successfully supporting the implementation of an education program which focused on advocacy which aimed at creating a conducive environment for learners and teachers. Jessy joined the WASH team in 2019 and supported the program during the critical time of the pandemic. Her role in the pandemic included assessing all the isolation and quarantine centres had adequate WASH services. Jessy has been key to the success of the WASH program in developing the WASH Business Plan for FY21-25 which included the mWater mapping of all WASH infrastructure in World Vision operation areas. She was awarded as a Global mWater Champion as she successfully supported the implementation and adoption of mWater in Zambia. She has been able to represent World Vision at different forums and conferences which include The WaterNet Symposiums, Global WASH Forums, All Systems Connect Conference and supported other National Offices.

We are grateful Jessy will be able to join us at the walk this year and share about the work is being done.

What is Walk4Water?


Since 2006 the WaterAfrica community of individuals, businesses, schools, and churches have been coming together in Lake Oswego to support rural communities in Zambia.

Raising Awareness

Sharing about the needs for Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene (WASH) in rural communities in Zambia is our current focus.

Raising Funds

Through our walk, sponsors, and donors, WaterAfrica raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for WorldVision Zambia projects.

Transforming Lives

Access to clean water in rural villages makes dramatic changes in the trajectory for health and wellness and opportunities for all members of the village from old to young

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- John Lautze

President , WaterAfrica

Message from Collins Kaumba from World Vision Zambia

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