Challenge Grant Activated! Next $60,000 in Donations Get Triple Matched

Help us to finish the year with momentum, we’ve once again been blessed with a Challenge Match.  This means every donation through the rest of December up to $60,000 with have a 3x multiplier!  Can you imagine ending the year with a $180,000 donation… bringing fresh, sustainable water to 3,600 Zambians.

What it takes to solve for one person or a whole village

  • On average it costs $50 to provide water, along with sanitation and hygiene training, to a person in Zambia for life.
  • It costs $15,000 to install a water well for a village in Zambia.
  • It costs $50,000 to install a mechanized water well in Zambia that can provide access for 1,000 people.

We hope you come and walk alongside us to solve this water crisis.

When you donate $100 and $300 will be going to “Finish the Job” in Zambia.  As a partner of World Vision, we are very grateful to share with you that half of the funds needed from donors to Finish the Job has been raised.  The teams are on track with the work in the field has reached one-third of the Zambians needed to Finish the Job.  Read more about progress towards finishing the job.

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