Let’s take a look at some highlights from the World Vision Zambia team in 2022 so far.  While our partnership with World Vision Zambia is laser-focused on the mission to “finish the job” of bringing clean water to all Zambians there are many wonderful things going on by the teams on the ground in Zambia.

Let’s celebrate their amazing work!

Updates from World Vision Zambia


46,000 People Receive Clean Water in Nyimba District

World Vision has successfully built and trained the people to manage and maintain the infrastructure to provide clean water to 46,000 people in the Nyimba district.  World Vision has successfully handed this infrastructure over to the Zambian government through the Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation.  

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About the initiative World Vision Zambia Associate Director of Operations Kenny Sondoyi said, “World Vision invests a lot in initiatives that transform children’s lives. Today we are handing over all the infrastructure development under our Nyimba Water Project, which has seen the drilling of 33 new boreholes, rehabilitation of 47 boreholes, and the construction and installation of fifteen (15) Mechanised Water Systems, one (1) at a hospital, three (3) in clinics, four (4) in schools and seven (7) in communities with 131 water taps connected built between 2018-2022.”  

The team in Zambia has also worked with over 30 faith leaders and equipped them with the training and resources needed to disseminate hygiene information to promote healthy WASH behaviors.  Read More

66 Boreholes and 5 Mechanized Systems in Isoka District

In a similar fashion to the transfer of water infrastructure to the local government in Nyimba, World Vision Zambia has handed over 66 boreholes and 5 mechanized systems with 104 water access points in Isoka district.  These systems represent an approximate $350,000 investment in the district.  

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Flenes Nakawala a 60 year-old woman from Kalungu village who has spent her entire life collecting water from a nearby stream and shallow wells shared a few words about what this means for their village.  “I was born and raised in this village. In the past, we were suffering. We used to fetch water from the stream. On this side people are bathing, and some are washing clothes. On the other side, cows are drinking water and we are also fetching drinking water. But now I am grateful to World Vision for the water they have given us. We now have tap water. There is now no difference between those who live in urban areas and us who are in the village.”  Read More

New Maternity Annexe in Chibombo

World Vision built a new maternity clinic with an accompanied mechanized water system at Mwachisompola Rural Health Centre.  This new facility is replacing a small building which only has one bed.  According to the woman running the clinic before the new center opened many women would be in need of the sole bed in the facility.  This resulted in many children being born directly on the floor.

zambia health maternity clinic

The new facility now has three labor rooms and spaces dedicated to prenatal and postnatal care.  This is encouraging more women to come to the clinic for childbirth versus the traditional at-home birth improving the health and wellness of both mother and child.  Read More

Working to End Child Marriage

3 out of 10 girls in Zambia are married before they reach the age of 18, which remains one of the highest rates of female child marriage in Africa.  This often occurs to the most marginalized and vulnerable girls that come from the poorest families.  Many parents view marriage as an economic improvement for their household which will ease the burden of caring for their other children.  


World Vision Zambia has initiated the “End Child Marriage” campaign and is working closely with local government and community leaders to stop this practice and to allow young girls in their communities to grow up, go to school, and pursue their dreams instead of marrying too young.  Here is a short video from a young girl speaking about coming of age in Zambia and the social norms that the End Child Marriage campaign is working to overcome.

Training Zambian Farmers to be Thrive

Farmers in Zambia’s Katete district of Eastern Province are growing and harvesting bumper crops due to training and education that they have received from World Vision Transforming Household Resilience in Vulnerable Environments (THRIVE) projects.  

world vision farmer training in zambia

A few words from Webby Banda, a farmer with a household of 22 people sum up the success the program is having for local farmers. “We used to harvest only seven oxcarts of maize but now we harvest up to 30 oxcarts. Even when you look around this yard, there is no grass-thatched house except the goat’s house, meaning that life has changed. Money is no longer a problem since World Vision trained us. This season we didn’t have much fertilizer, but our crops are still healthy due to the manure we applied. Only the rainfall pattern is a challenge”, he says. Read More

Thankful for the Wonderful Team in Zambia

At WaterAfrica we are so thankful for the amazing team members at World Vision International and World Vision Zambia that are putting in the hard work every day. 

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