Our WaterAfrica travel team is going to Zambia July 6 – 14.
WaterAfrica 2018 Travel Team:

  • Grant and Shirley (Sky) Adams
  • Kathy Chan
  • Graig Flach
  • Ward and Henry Hubbell
  • Gary and Judi Mittelstaedt
  • Alan and Diane Shiffer
  • Tom and Ann Zelenka
Our Purpose:
  • Observe progress on our water projects by visiting those in preparation for water, those just receiving water, and those having had water for some time and experiencing the full impact of their new reality.
  • Confirm effective utilization of our donated resources. We guard our role as your “trusted conduit” by making sure funds are efficiently applied to bring maximum transformation. Our travel team fully pays their own expenses.
  • Encourage our World Vision partners in their tremendous work there. We are forever amazed with their dedication and travel to thank them.
  • Observe and bring back stories of life transformation for you, our WaterAfrica supporters.
Please plan to join us as the travel team shares stories of transformation your efforts are having on children and families in Zambia. Plan for a fun evening of sharing.

Date: Sunday, August 26, 2018
Time: 6:30 to 8:00PM
Venue: Lake Grove Presbyterian Church Auditorium

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