Share The Gift Of Hope

We met our 2014 Year-End Fundraising Goals!! Thanks to challenge funds and your generosity, we raised $90,000 in our Share the Gift of Hope Campaign and this will bring clean water, sanitation, and hygiene resources to people living in rural Zambia.

End of the Year 14 Fundraising Proceeds to World Vision for WASHWaterAfrica Co-Founders Bill & Diane Savage, Treasurer Kevin Cummings, and Co-Presidents Gary and Judi Mittelstaedt delivered a check to World Vision Senior Managing Director Alan Shiffer on January 16, 2015.

As announced throughout this campaign this money was given to World Vision in honor of Bill and Diane Savage. World Vision is engaged in transformative development work with thoughtful, sustainable strategies and methods and our $90,000 donation will effectively reduce illness and infant deaths, increase education and agriculture, and empower Zambians to live into their futures with hope and possibility. Thank you!

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