W4W7 | “Wear In The World” Winner

What a delight to pull LuAnn & Wayne Yocky’s name out of the hat in our “Wear in the World” drawing! We had a lot of fun with this T-Shirt  Campaign on Facebook. Thank you to all our participants! And thanks to those of you who liked, commented and shared the fun. We are grateful to Walk4Water7 Corporate Sponsor, Nicoletta’s Table, for also sponsoring this campaign with a $25 gift certificate for the drawing winner.


Wayne & LuAnn Yocky with Dr. Ray Norman at W4W7

Speaking of the winner: LuAnn Yocky, Senior Advisor, National Leadership Council for World Vision, played an integral role in the history of WaterAfrica. Here’s a brief look back:

When WaterAfrica Founder Bill Savage was in Zambia with Lake Grove Presbyterian Church in 2005, he asked LuAnn if he could see the water source for a village they were visiting. LuAnn arranged for Bill to meet and walk .5 mile with a lady to a dry stream bed where she collected water for her family’s use. You can read Bill’s reflections on that Walk here. 

Out of that experience Bill felt compelled to respond. After returning home he arranged meetings with LuAnn to see how he might get involved in bringing safe, accessible water to this lady and others like her. Bill recalls, “LuAnn spent hours listening and answering my questions. Right from the start she was very encouraging.”

LuAnn’s deep love for the poor and her commitment to transformation on both sides of the bridge (donor to field) has been her life’s work. She has been recognized within World Vision as a champion of water projects and WaterAfrica knows why! Bill’s conversations with LuAnn allowed her to connect him with people and create opportunities for him to get involved and make a difference.

Bill’s early commitment to raise money for 5 borehole wells in Zambia didn’t stop there. WaterAfrica was born out of that work and the organizational structure and mission evolved so that now we focus not just on bringing clean, safe Water to rural Zambians, but also Sanitation and Hygiene resources. LuAnn was instrumental in facilitating relationships and opportunities so that WaterAfrica could effectively take up the WASH cause in Zambia.

As we work to Raise Awareness, Raise Funds & Transform Lives now, nearly 10 years later, WaterAfrica is part of an expanded network of donors supporting a comprehensive World Vision WASH program in Zambia.

Working Together. Changing Lives.

W4W7 | Final Details

W4W7-thumbnailWalk4Water7 is tomorrow! The Walk starts at 9am (check-in at 8:30am). You can register online until 5:00pm this evening or just come to the registration booth and get signed up tomorrow morning. If you can’t make it to this year’s walk you can still support our efforts to provide clean water for Zambians by making a donation.

Special guests Sebastian Kunda and Dr. Ray Norman will join us and the Lewis & Clark Marimba Ensemble will perform. The Oregon City Brownie Troop will bring their Village Exhibit and WaterAfrica will have WASH exhibits on display where you can explore and learn more about the important elements of World Vision’s effective, sustainable Water, Sanitation & Hygiene program. You can also purchase Claire Murray’s beautiful handmade goods at the WaterAfrica Marketplace. And of course you can buy W4W7 T-shirts and WaterAfrica hats!

We look forward to seeing you there!

W4W7 | Special Guest Sebastian Kunda Arrives

Sebastian Kunda, our Special Guest for #Walk4Water7, has been busy since his arrival in Portland last week. Sitting for an interview with the Lake Oswego Review, visiting with Walk Corporate Sponsor Dr. Gebeau and his staff, riding the tram at OHSU, visiting the office of Congressman Earl Blumenauer, and giving talks at both Rex Putnam High and Sunnyside Environmental Middle School.

Come this Saturday morning to meet Sebastian and our other special guest, Dr. Ray Norman, walk with them and ask them about Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. We think you’ll be inspired and encouraged by their stories about the impact Walk4Water has for villagers in Zambia. Register for Walk4Water7 today, and invite your friends and family to do the same.

World Vision Zambia Partners Participate in “Wear in the World” Promotion

Walk4Water Committee member Beth Olen was just hoping to get a couple pictures to include in our “Wear in the World” t-shirt promotion. Instead, after receiving Beth’s email, Fred Mazumba of Sinazongwe ADP gathered his World Vision staff and children from a local school to stage a Walk4Water of their own. Needless to say, Beth and all of us on the Walk Committee were surprised and overjoyed by this amazing example of us “walking together” for this cause.

Additionally, Fred sent us this encouraging message: “. . . we thank God for the work you are doing raising funds for us to have access to clean water. We wish you great success as you have the Walk for Water.”

Please join Fred and all of us in this walk by registering for this Saturday’s Walk4Water7.

W4W7 | Lake Oswego High Student Encourages Classmates to Volunteer and Walk

The support we receive every year from students is a huge reason Walk4Water has been so successful in raising awareness of the need for clean water in Zambia. From publicity leading up to the event, to volunteering the day of the Walk, we simply couldn’t pull it off without their help. This year is no exception, as was demonstrated when Lake Oswego High Junior Colin Favero shared our W4W7 Promotional video with over 120 of his classmates and encouraged them to volunteer or walk at April 12th’s Walk4Water7.

Great work Colin! Thank you for getting the word out!


W4W7 | World Vision Guests

sebastian_kundaWe are so happy to announce that Sebastian Kunda, WASH Technical Advisor and Program Manager from World Vision Zambia will join us for Walk4Water7! An engineer and program manager with extensive experience in Water-related engineering, Sebastian lives in Choma, Zambia, with his wife Susan and their 8-year-old son.

Sebastian had just joined World Vision in August 2010, when a WaterAfrica team traveled to Zambia to see World Vision’s WASH work firsthand. At that time we met Sebastian in the field and benefited from his Water Engineering expertise. When a WaterAfrica Team returned to Zambia in August 2012, Sebastian had transferred to his current position as a regional WASH Program Manager for World Vision. Once again it was a privilege to spend time learning from Sebastian, as well as his WASH Team.

We are delighted that Sebastian will be taking the (VERY!) long trip from Zambia to meet our WaterAfrica Community. His insight, experience and expertise will provide powerful testimony regarding the impact of your WaterAfrica donations and we hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to meet him.

We are also privileged to have Dr. Ray Norman planning to join us for Walk4Water7.  Dr. Norman spent his early childhood in the West African bush country where his parents served as career medical missions. Dr. Norman received his academic degrees in engineering, with emphases in water resources and international development. Much of his research work focuses on the socio-technical interface between traditional societies and water use. Dr Norman currently works as academic dean at Messiah College in Grantham, PA, and he serves in an advisory and consulting role to World Vision and other international development agencies. He and his wife Hélène have two college-age children. We look forward to having Dr. Norman Walk with us on April 12.

Come April 12, to meet our guests, walk with them and ask them about water, sanitation and hygiene. We think you’ll be inspired and encouraged by their stories and insight about the impact Walk4Water has for villagers in Zambia.


W4W7 | Be Part of the Story

World Vision recently released a new video which powerfully illustrates our Walk mission. The first in a series, this video introduces several children in Zambia as they receive access to clean water and sanitation for the first time. The stories and images are compelling and at the end of the video we are “invited to be part of someone’s story.”

Your Walk4Water7 participation and donations DO bring you into the story! 

Thanks to our generous Sponsors, 100% of the proceeds from Walk4Water7 will be given to World Vision’s WASH work in Zambia.

Register to join us for WaterAfrica’s 7th Annual Walk4Water in downtown Lake Oswego on April 12, from 9-11am.

This year our goal of $70,000 will provide good WASH to 1400 Zambians!

W4W7 | “Wear in the World” Campaign

As we’ve prepared for the Walk this year we’ve been focusing on a sub-theme of Walking Together – wherever we are in the world. Over the years we’ve enjoyed seeing our WaterAfrica community wear Walk T-shirts in so many interesting places around the world. This inspired us to run a “Wear In the World” Campaign on our Facebook page in these final weeks leading up the Walk. But we need your help.

Please look through your photo libraries and find pictures of you, your friends and your family wearing Walk t-shirts through the years. If you’re traveling to an interesting, unusual place during Spring Break be sure to take a Walk t-shirt AND A PICTURE!
Watch for our “Wear in the World” Campaign on Facebook and please add your photos. If you are not on Facebook, but want to share your photos, you can email them to our new Social Media Manager Gabe Barberand he will upload them. Thank You!

We look forward to Walking together around the world and Walking together in Lake Oswego on April 12!!

Walk4Water7 | T-Shirts & Caps

Our W4W7 short sleeve t-shirts are now available! W4W7 short sleeve teesYou can purchase these for $10 each. Our limited edition long sleeve W4W7 tees are also available for $20 and NEW THIS YEAR red WaterAfrica caps can be purchased for $20.

See Items Here

50% of the purchase price is a donation to World Vision’s WASH work in Zambia.

Contact us to purchase any of these items. They will also be available between services at Lake Grove Presbyterian Church on April 5-6, and also on Walk Day.


WaterAfrica: Seeking Research Volunteer

girls at water pum

WaterAfrica seeks a student interested in research and grant writing experience who is passionate about water, sanitation and hygiene issues in the developing world. This volunteer position is an opportunity for college credit with flexible schedule and hours.

See the job description or contact Diane Savage for more information.